Cousin Stizz - Trying to Find My Next Thrill

The design direction for this project is an exploration of hip-hop themes through a more refined and multifaceted lens. Reflection and perspective shifts are the cohesion factor between the proposed concepts. We aim to pay homage to the history of rap music and “hood” films while also unfolding the personal narrative Cousin Stizz adds to the fabric of the genre.
What happens when the party and the after party is over and you’re the only one awake and in search of something more? This is the scene we set in this cover concept. TTFMNT is an album to play at kickbacks and in the whip, it’s laced with head bobbing bangers and introspective insight. We wanted to set the setting and also convey that there is something more beyond it. A bird’s eye view of Stizz looking for what’s beyond while standing in the aftermath of his    previous thrills.
Artist Cousin Stizz
Art Director Abdul Ali
Photographer Jenna Marsh
Set Designer Elvis Maynard
Year 2019
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